Many of our clients have the breadth and systems already in place to handle the administrative affairs of the property ‘in-house’. ‘Maintenance Management’ serves as a scaled back option to ‘Full Property Management’ in which Felner oversees all of the tenant relations and maintenance related facets of the property. Our in-house technicians visit the site on a regular basis to keep “boots on the ground” and tenant requests or issues are responded to as needed. We are available around the clock for emergencies or as a keyholder. With maintenance management, all of the operational components of the facility (maintenance requests, tenant complaints, vendor oversight, contract vetting) are in one place. The scope of ‘Maintenance Management’ entails:

  • Correspond with tenants and vendors, and communicate with ownership as directed or needed based on ownerships preference.
  • Oversee on-site personnel (engineer, porter, etc.).
  • Oversee outside contractors in the name of the entity (after approval by the ownership regarding services, price, etc.).
  • Supervise and oversee contracted services while ensuring quality control and work logs.
  • Administer preventative maintenance programs for all mechanical or necessary equipment.
  • Vet existing contracts currently in force and make recommendations as needed based on best practices and prior experience.
  • Make recommendations to improve owner's return on investment.
  • Provide monthly maintenance log reporting to ownership