With ‘Full Property Management’, Felner and its team of Managers and Admin conduct and oversee all daily administrative and maintenance operations of the Property. The key to Felner’s success is that it understands how properties are best administered, and the knowledge and expertise it has equips it to offer proven recommendations and deliver the best plan of action on behalf of the owner. Whether it is a commercial office facility, mixed use shopping center and whether the owner is a local individual, large corporation or a private partnership, Felner has the experience to properly run your investment.

Felner Corporation is focused on close and long-term relationships that provide ownership with high value ROI as well as relief from the daily granular challenges of their investment. Felner Corporation’s growth stems from family business ideals and has excelled on its ability to produce, perform, and respond. On a routine basis, full property management would encompass the following on a routine basis:

  • Correspond with tenants and vendors, and communicate with ownership as directed or needed based on ownerships preference.
  • Execute all ownership directives
  • Assist with the negotiation of leases.
  • Hire and oversee on-site personnel (engineer, porter, etc.).
  • Hire and oversee outside contractors in the name of the entity (after approval by the ownership regarding services, price, etc.).
  • Supervise and oversee contracted services while ensuring quality control and work logs.
  • Administer preventative maintenance programs for all mechanical or necessary equipment.
  • Vet existing contracts currently in force and make recommendations as needed based on best practices and prior experience.
  • Facilitate all insurance programs.
  • Make recommendations to improve owner's return on investment.
  • Provide monthly financial reporting to ownership