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Condominium Management

For over a decade now, Felner Corporation has been providing premier management  services tailored exclusively to condominium associations in and around Fairfield County. We realize the importance for an association to have a trustworthy, accessible, and knowledgeable partner in the day to day operations of condo living. In addition, we understand how an efficiently run and well maintained  community serves to protect the investment that each and every condo owner undertakes. From larger luxury townhomes to smaller mixed-use properties, Felner Corporation has the knowledge, versatility, and experience to take on your community’s challenges.


Once on board, Felner Corporation will provide a dedicated property manager to be the main point of contact for the owners within the association. This individual will attend the board meetings and be  available each day to ensure that every facet of community living is addressed promptly and efficiently.


In addition, Felner Corporation will handle the following:

Condominium Management

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  • Account Management –  We collect common charges, special assessments and fees, and pay the bills. All documents are archived and stored responsibly.

  • Financial Reporting – Operating and reserve funds are held in separate accounts in the condo association’s name. We closely monitor these accounts and provide monthly  financial statements for full transparency. We are fully bonded and insured.

  • Budgeting – We work with the board to draw up and implement annual operating and reserve budgets

  • Emergency Response – A member of our staff is available 24/7/365 should an emergency situation such as a flood or fire occur.

  • Contractor Selection and Supervision – Building systems or structural components are inevitably going to need work over time. If repairs are needed, we obtain bids and see the contractor process through to the finish. We have long-time relationships with trusted and proven vendors for virtually any job that may arise.    

  • Staffing – Depending on the size of the association, it may be prudent to have a maintenance  supervisor on site full time. We take care of hiring and managing this individual.

  • Consulting – We stay  up to date on the laws and mandates governing Connecticut condo associations and our staff has all of the certifications necessary for property management. We are active members of BOMA and CAI.

  • Systems Maintenance – We log, perform, and oversee the preventative maintenance for all of the building systems. This is necessary to keep the units running efficiently and mitigate the risk of a costly system failure.

  • Property Inspection and Policing- A trained member of our team will inspect the property on a  regular basis. Any advisories or suggestions are brought to the board ASAP. Also, we work with the Board to address and police any by-law violations or tenant grievances.

  • Service Calls – A  member of our team is available full time to field calls or e-mails from any member of the association. There is no issue too small to be addressed and the association can rest assured knowing these issues will be resolved in a timely fashion.

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